Reflections on Live Blogging

By Catherine Price

I’m glad I took part in the live blogging project as it has been worthwhile to see how it affects the conference experience. I’ve found it quite tiring as there is so much to think about! A blog needs structure and a narrative to it, so you have to think and reflect on what you are going to say. But what do you talk about? What will be interesting for the audience? This is something else to think about and consider.

I also found myself considering the logistics. Where do I sit so as not to disturb anyone? Do I make notes first and then blog? Or do I just blog? I found myself feeling quite uncomfortable when I was asking myself these questions. I felt exposed and self-conscious. What will people think of me? Will they think I’m not interested and paying attention to what is going on in the room? Actually, I’m paying attention and probably more so than I would do normally. It really takes a lot of concentration.

Time is another important factor. How do you fit blogging in? I managed to write short posts but found I didn’t have time to write anything longer.

Out of curiosity, I tried my own experiment yesterday. I’ve been reflecting on the blogging experience over the last few days and I wanted to see if I felt any different with live tweeting. I live tweeted during the Sociology of Stigma session and I found it so much easier. I wasn’t asking myself so many questions. I presume this is because live blogging and live tweeting have very different roles to play in the conference setting. I was using live tweeting for reporting statements people were making. I didn’t need to concentrate as much with live tweeting as for the live blogging.

It’s been an interesting experience and I’m pleased I’ve had the opportunity to participate. However, I think I’ve got unanswered questions about how live blogging makes me feel and I need to reflect on these further.

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