Going live?

So, it turns out that I find live blogging difficult. Good to know.

This realisation has surprised me.

I’m accustomed to synchronously reporting from events via Twitter using both images and words. I volunteer to perform this role on a very regular basis. I’d even dare to say I enjoy it.

I’ve posted hundreds of tweets since arriving at #Undisciplining on Monday. Most of these have been posted synchronously (i.e. at the same time the activity is occurring), but not all. For example, my tweeting about ‘Make your own Sociological Board Game’ on Tuesday and the ‘Feminist Walk of the City’ on Wednesday took place after the events had ended. I valued taking my time when alone in the hotel to review and carefully edit my pictures and to reflect on my handwritten notes. I took more time to craft and present my reporting and reflections on these sessions via Twitter.

I suppose the reason for tweeting asynchronously on these occasions was partly pragmatic. I was co-facilitating the board games workshop with Alke, which meant prioritising interaction with participants. And during the Feminist Walk of the City I was completely engaged in the flows of movement and conversation as well as thinking and listening. I also was lacking pockets, which meant juggling map, notebook, camera and ‘companion book’ from hand to hand. Not being still made it harder for me to tweet there and then.

I guess I filled up my time at #Undisciplining with multiple conversations both in person and via Twitter. It has been a very sociable experience. But I left myself no space or time for deeper (perhaps slower) thinking and reflection, which I felt I needed to construct a blog post.

Perhaps I’ll write a blog post on the train home. Will that still count as ‘live’? Or will I be the first person to write a ‘dead’ blog post?





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