by Jill Jameson (Echoeedge)

I am struck by the quixotic nature of the task I have set myself. Having apologised for not being able to attend the #Undisciplining conference (due to demands in London), I then foolhardily (sigh!) signed myself up to contribute a blog post on echoes from beyond the edges of the conference, as it were, looking in … no pressure, then 😉

This leads to a somewhat strange situation, simultaneously disconnected and yet engaged as an observer-participant. So we are presented with a Schrodinger’s-cat-type dilemma: how, at the same time, for someone not to be part of the social ‘beingness’ of the conference and also (albeit in written, virtual ways) to be part of it?

This led me to reflect on issues of liminality in space, in geography and time that arise from voluntarily adopting a role of l’étranger, looking in beyond the borders. What are the edges, the limits of social being in community connectedness during and beyond the #Undisciplining conference? Jana Bacevic’s tweets on finding ‘quiet time’ and Mark Carrigan’s blog post re. ‘Being Alone at Conferences’ bring up identity issues on the spaces we inhabit (or are estranged from) in community. How do these interplay with materiality, and the ‘liveness’ (or not) of blogging that Mark and Pat discussed after the first day of #Undisciplining , as reported in Mark’s blog? Certainly the aliveness of presence is captured in a vivid plurality and diversity of pictures and sociological research themes reported so far in the #Undisciplining tweets and blog posts. Wish I was there with you!

Will reflect further and come back ….….

Image; Luca Zanon on Unsplash

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